Resilient, Emotionally Strong, Mentally Tough.

This is what the experts agree on: That bullying is an imbalance of power. That someone is trying to have power over you. They want to see you lose and they want to win. Resilient, Emotionally Strong and Mentally Tough. These are tools to stop bullying. These are social skills everyone needs to learn. There are mean people all around us. There are jerks everywhere. I have discovered when you empower kids to solve their own social problems three things happen:

  1. They Grow in Self Esteem
  2. They Grow in Self Confidence
  3. They Grow in Self Worth

We can’t do it for our kids they have to do it for themselves. Only when they solve the problem themselves will they grow in Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Worth. This is what should be done. Every victim of bullying should be taught to solve their own social problems.