Who We Are?


Located in  the Heart of Tustin.

Located at Irvine Blvd. & Newport Ave.

In the Packers Square Shopping Center.                            Adjacent to Ruby’s Diner

The dojo was established in 1988. With a long history of quality martial arts. Taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Located at 13112 Newport Ave. At the corner of Irvine Blvd and Newport Ave
Tustin Dojo

Benefits for Children

There are many reasons why your child should take Martial Arts here are 10.

  1. To learn to protect themselves
  2. To increase concentration and focus
  3. To develop good social skills
  4. To gain self-respect and respect for others
  5. To increase confidence and self-esteem
  6. To develop healthy fitness habits
  7. To learn how to be helpful and considerate
  8. To perform better in life school & beyond
  9. To develop a wining attitude
  10. To get active and have fun

Benefits for Teens

  An addendum to education. After all they have to go to school. However  martial arts can make teens better at soccer. It can make them better at baseball. Not only physically but mentally. The gift of martial arts can not only strengthen teens physically but can very much affect their mind. If teens have that driven attitude the “I never give up attitude” that martial arts can give. When they are doing  math (lets say they hate math) that’s a gift. Martial Arts teaches never to give up it’s a black belt attitude  Just the general training can affect anything and everything. 

Benefits for Adults


Suffering from stress? Anxiety, out of shape? or just looking to learn a skill in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. How many adults could use the workout? As a member of Z-Ultimate you can sponsor a friend and workout together