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Our Approach

One of the true gifts that comes with being a student of the martial arts with Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is that as you develop as a martial artist, you also develop three core values.

You learn these values through your training and the longer you train, the more ingrained in you these values become. Soon, without realizing it, these core values become a part of you, guiding you in your daily life.

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios believes that true martial artists live their martial arts values, both on the mat and off. This is why Z-Ultimate strives to share and live these values in everything we do .

Our Story

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is proud of their accomplishments. We are a group of like minded martial artist who have banded together to create the brand. Z-Ultimate. The Grand Master of Z-Ultimate has been training for over 40 years. Z-Ultimate grows from within ALL of our instructors were students at one time. With over 50 studios nationwide we feel we have made the correct choice

Chief Instructor

Master Diaz


Christopher Diaz

Chief Instructor

Mr. Diaz has acheived the rank of 6th Dan. Elevating him to the status of 'Master'

Master Diaz has been training over 30 years. He has been the Tournament Director for the Nations Largest one day Tournament for over 20 years.

Also he has helped to bridge the Gap between East and West. By organizing groups of martial artist to train and Wudang Mountain the home of Tai Chi. Also organizing over a 1000 people to train at the famous Shaolin Temple.


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